Campobello Island, New Brunswick
Welcome to Campobello Island, New Brunswick!

Campobello Island is just East of Lubec, Maine USA. The only way to get to Campobello by land is across the Franklin D. Roosevelt International Bridge from Lubec, Maine. Campobello Island is in Charlotte County, New Brunswick Canada but the only way to travel to other Canadian points without entering the United States is by a seasonal commercial ferry to nearby Deer Island and then a free government operated ferry to mainland New Brunswick from there. Usually people living on Campobello must enter the U.S. and travel about 45 minutes to St. Stephen, New Brunswick through the border crossing at Calais, Maine to conduct Canadian business.

The island may be best known for the Roosevelt Campobello International Park just across the bridge. The late U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a "cottage" on the island where he and his family vacationed. The cottage is still today as it was in the 1930's and you can tour it free. There is also a visitors center and 2,800 acres of park associated with the complex. You can learn more by visiting the official web site at The U.S. National Park Service maintains a site at

You can also visit the "official" web site of Campobello Island at The site also has an extensive history of the island.

As we cross the International Bridge and clear Canadian Customs, we are welcomed to New Brunswick!
The late U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 'cottage' is just a mile onto the island. It is just as it was in the 1930's and you can tour it for free Spring through Fall.
The flowers around the cottage are always beautiful and you can walk down to the beach behind it. This is a 'must stop' when in the area. It's a step back in time.
This is the "Welcome Center" near the cottage. Literature is available as well as more information about FDR.
These boats are no longer sea-worthy and have seen better days but make for great photographs! They can be found just a few miles down the road from the cottage.
We don't know what kind of stories these boats could tell but life working on the sea is hard. Newer ships do the work now!
This is a view of Eastport, Maine from Campobello Island. During the Summer months a ferry operates between these points. Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States.

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A boat makes its way through the waters near Campobello Island. Other area islands can be seen in the background.
The entire area surrounding the island is beautiful. You'll find many spots to take photos like this.
Mainland New Brunswick can be seen in the background. The only way to get there without going through the U.S. is by ferry. It's a fun trip!
This is a fish weir. The fish swim in but can't get out. If you watch for a while you will see the fishermen come to collect their catch!
Another fish weir just around the corner. About 50 miles over the horizon is the coast of Nova Scotia.
Another beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. It's truly breathtaking from this vantage point!
There are several beach areas on the island for you to explore. This is a small area near the lighthouse but there are rocky beaches perfect for a sunny day.

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This kayaker knows how to enjoy a sunny day. He was preparing for a close view of the boat parade on Lighthouse Day.
This is the end of the road on the island and the parking area for the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse. This is a very beautiful spot. There is no commercial development of any kind here.
A boat parade was held on the first annual "Lighthouse Day" in 2000. Here we await the parade's appearance.
The bagpiper waits for the boat parade to begin so he can serenade the crowd. The sign to the right warns visitors of the 5 foot per hour rise in tides - a sure sign of trouble!
A Canadian Government firefighting boat leads the way. A boat parade around the island was enjoyed by the folks on the boats and the island!
Here the bagpiper plays while the boat parade circles the island. The boats had passed the lighthouse and were making their way around.
Here's another shot of the firefighting boat. These are fun to watch.

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If you can attend Lighthouse Day 2001 you're sure to see a similar display! We'll post the dates when they are available.
More of the contingent of vessels in the boat parade move past. There were quite a variety of boats taking part.
Deer Island is in the background. It is only possible to travel there by ferry and is not accessible from the U.S. Deer Island is larger than Campobello Island.
This is a view of the boat parade as it begins to make the turn around the end of the island and around past the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse.
This appears to be a small island but the tide is in and this is not the time to be caught near the lighthouse! Note the red hand-rails coming out of the water.
A few steps to the left and you can see the lighthouse which was hidden behind the trees in the last photo. You can only go up to the lighthouse at low tide or with a boat.
This is a good view of the ladders going down and back up. You can use the ladders to get to the lighthouse at low tide. With the highest tides in the world, you have to pay attention to the sea when visiting the lighthouse!

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This is looking down into the water near one of the ladders. The water is very clear and clean.
This is looking down into the high tide. When the tide is low it's just a rocky beach below that you hike across to go to the lighthouse.
Here's a great view of the lighthouse structure from the area just left of where the cars are parked.
Hiking closer to the lighthouse at low tide you'll see things much more clearly. You can hike right up to the lighthouse but you have to watch the tides!
Here's a good view of the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse with the Atlantic Ocean - actually the Bay of Fundy - in the background.
Another good shot of the lighthouse. It's still a working lighthouse because it is lighted but it is not manned.
A nearby picnic table makes a nice place to eat lunch and enjoy the view. This shot was also taken on the first annual Lighthouse Day.

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If you're in the area on vacation of just passing through, Campobello Island, New Brunswick is a 'must stop' for views like this!
Campobello Island is also home to an 18 hole golf course and you can find a small motel or bed and breakfast and spend the night on the island.
You can leave by ferry to Eastport, Maine or Deer Island, New Brunswick in the Summer or via the Franklin D. Roosevelt International Bridge to Lubec, Maine year around.
A view of Lubec, Maine from Campobello Island, New Brunswick.

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